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  Medicine Cabinet - Cherry - Merlot Stain with Satin Finish

     MountainHaven created a cherry wood medicine cabinet for a client who requested a larger than typical cabinet with the look of a built-in cabinet. The client needed an exact stain match to blend the medicine cabinet with the cherry vanity in the dressing room of the Master Suite of the home. The style of the medicine cabinet also need to conform with the vanity.

      This cabinet is attached to the wall in a convention manner. Top and side trim moldings fit the cabinet sides to the exact profile of the wall surface for a perfect built-in fit. The client specified cherry wood on the face and doors, profiled and stained to match an existing vanity. The specification for the inside of the cabinet was "hospital white" with deep, adjustable shelves. Hardware was selected to match the nearby vanity.

     After reviewing the initial design, and before work began, the client requested a rack be added below the cabinet for reading materials as a decorating element for the space. Accordingly, a rack was designed that can be removed when necessary in order to facilitate maintenance of the plumbing fixture below the cabinet. The client also requested that the cabinet not extend full height to the ceiling so as not to overwhelm the space.

     While the merlot finish is a precise match to the color of the commercially produced vanity, it allows the elegant grain of the cherry wood to come through the translucent finish. The finish required nine separate steps and custom color blending to achieve the requisite color without hiding the beauty of the wood grain.

     Additional photographs, below, show the details of this cabinet than can only be achieved through custom design and handwork craftsmanship.



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    Front view of cabinet with doors closed. (The camera lens was not able to capture full height of the cabinet in a single image.)
    Front view of the cabinet showing the removable rack at the bottom. The rack can be temporarily removed and put back in place, if necessary, without the use of tools.
    The rack module is inclined back to keep materials laying flat, and at an angle that makes them easy to scan with the eye. Also, the rack has a retainer lip to keep materials from slipping off the rack and falling......
    Depth of the custom cabinet is about double that of typical commercially made medicine cabinets. The shelves are height adjustable. The cabinet provides considerable storage behind the solid cherry doors.
    This view shows the side molding custom fit against the wall profile, taking into account the differences of the wall surface due to the tiles. The support bracket for the lower rack (removed) are clearly visible.
    Another clear view of the custom fit side molding that gives the cabinet a contact fit to the side walls and the built in look. The custom cabinet maximizes storage while allowing the cabient bottom of the door to clear the window sill.
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