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    Equipment Table - Hickory - Tung Oil based finish

    MountainHaven created an office equipment table for a client who needed to improve the utility of their office space by adding an office equipment table to the workspace. They also wanted the equipment table to blend in with their current office furniture.  MountainHaven designed a table using a hardwood species, design style, hardware and finish type to ensure the new table would blend in with the existing pieces already in the office space.

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    The client opted for an enclosed table style to enable out of sight storage. The view of the table shows the table dry-fit without the side panels, back panel, door and bottom shelf installed. The bottom shelf is merely resting at an angle atop the bottom rails of the four side frames. The first coat of finish has been applied to the top shelf. The top shelf edging is merely held in place with tape.
    The panel style selected by the client is a flat panel rather than a raised panel. This blends quite well the the desk in the office space. This view shows the equipment table with the front, side and back panel assemblies completed and ready for finish. The door is also assembled, but has not yet been fitted to the table. The table top and bottom shelf are not yet permanently assembled onto the table frame.
    The finish work has been completed on the table base, door, interior shelf and table top. The edging around the table top awaits one last coat of finish, after which the table top will be affixed to the base. The table hardware is an exact match to that on the office desk..
    This view of the equipment table reveals the interior of the table. The lower shelf is of solid hickory. The table top and lower shelf have been installed in a manner that will enable cross grain expansion and contraction with the changing of the seasons without stressing either the table frame or the table top/shelf. This will avoid splitting of the table top/shelf and will keep the expansion of these pieces from shattering the joinery of the supporting base and frame.
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