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  Cabinets - Natural Birdseye Maple & Honduran Mahogany - Tung Oil based finish

     This it the first piece of what will be an entire custom kitchen cabinet project. All of the visible face frames, side panels and toe kicks are being made from Honduran mahogany. All the drawer front and cabinet door panels of birdseye maple. The drawer boxes are of solid tiger stripe maple.

     This particular base unit will be positioned by itself between two major appliances. Therefore, the sides are not exposed to view and are made of the same less expensive yet durable materials used in many such applications at the Smithsonian Institute.

     In this unit, as will be the case with all of the drawer style base units, the drawers are also of solid maple (hard maple). All of the drawers are mounted with 100 lb rated, full extension drawer guides for full access and maximum durability.

     In this photograph only a single drawer handle is attached. This is a temporary handle. All of the drawers and doors will have custom made ebony handles. This choice will unify the cabinets with the black granite countertops planned for the space. Hinge hardware, etc. will also compliment the granite countertops.



     The lifecycle chronology of the project is illustrated and described below. Click on any of the small images to open a full size view in a separate viewing window.


    Full, front left quarter view of the base cabinet. The unit will be placed between the kitchen range and refrigerator. Therefore, lesser expensive materials were used to make the cabinet case, which will not be visible when installed.
    All of the drawers are constructed of solid maple (hard maple) and suspended on full extension guides. Each guide is rated at 100 lbs (200 lbs per drawer).
    This straight on view begins to show the exquisite figure of the birds eye maple drawer fronts. The warmth of the finish will give the space an inviting feeling. The contrasting woods will keep the space light and alive in character.
    This close up view shows the profile of the drawer face edges. The fine grain of the mahogany and maple is visible. The birds eye figuration of the maple is a bit more visible in this view as well.
    The tung oil finish brings out the natural color and gorgeous grain of the mahogany. The birds eye figuration of the maple is quite clear in this image.
    Another view of the upper left corner of the unit. The subtle beauty of the mahogany is revealed by the finish, yet the mahogany does not overwhelm the key feature of the birds eye maple.
    This is a view of the lower drawer, extended almost all the way out. This sides of this large drawer are made of tiger stripe maple. One wants to open the drawer just to see the marvelous grain of the maple.
    Another view of the lower drawer. The beautiful birds eye maple is very evident in this image, along with the shadow lines on the edges of the drawer face, giving depth and interest to the cabinetry.


  A close up view of the face frame of the cabinet between two of the middle drawers. The joinery is very tight. This face frame uses lap joints rather than pocket screw joinery. Mahogany can corrode screws.
    Another view of the bottom drawer with the tiger stripe maple sides. The tight joinery between the stiles and rails of the face frame can also be seen.
    The light makes the tiger stripe maple shimmer as the drawer is pulled open.
    Another view of the edge profile of the drawer faces, the tiger stripe maple, and the tight lap joints of the mahogany face frame.
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