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  Medicine Cabinet - White Oak - Golden Oak Stain with Satin Finish

     MountainHaven created a solid oak medicine cabinet for a client who had very specific desires and needs for the Master Bath cabinet.

     The cabinet was designed with mirrored, clamshell doors that have adjustable shelves in each door. The case of the cabinet also contains adjustable shelving. Both the doors and case are deeper than "standard" medicine cabinets so as to better accommodate larger items. The mirrors can be quickly and easily replaced without any tools should one ever be broken. The lower fascia panel beneath the doors hides an electrical wall outlet, yet is hinged to enable easy access to the wall outlet. The cabinet was also designed to hang on the wall without being permanently affixed to the wall so the homeowner can simply lift the cabinet off the wall and take it with them, should they move to a different home. This was accomplished without any visible means of support. The case of the cabinet also incorporates an external top shelf so that decorative items, or such, can be placed on top of the cabinet without being knocked off when the doors are opened and closed. A number of other features were built into the cabinet and can be seen in the illustrations that follow.


    Click on any of the small images to open a full size view in a separate viewing window.


    Full view of cabinet with doors closed.
    One door open to display adjustable shelves in the door. Shelves have vertical glass retainers near the front edge to keep items from falling out when the door is closed hard.
    Glass shelf retainers more easily visible on front edge of door shelves. The doors (interior) are backed with oak panels to protect the mirrors. Finger joinery is visible on door corners.
    With doors open it is possible to note there is no hardware visible attaching the cabinet to the wall. Again, a very clean interior, all oak presentation. Case shelves are height adjustable, same as the door shelves.
    Edge profiling of the door/mirror frame and overhang shelf is visible in this view. Also, the tightly mitered finger joints used on the case and doors are clearly visible on the corners of the doors.
    Finger joints on corners of doors and on the cabinet case are clearly visible. This is a good view of the overhang shelf above the doors. This makes the space on top of the cabinet useful for storage or decorating.
    A clear view of the finger joinery on the mirror doors. Very tight, strong joints. Magnetic door latches are visible well recessed under the overhang shelf.
    This view shows the finger joinery, but also reveals the edge profiling of the mirror frame more clearly. The profile on the back, bottom edge of the easy swinging doors eliminates the need for door knobs.


  Solid brass pin hinges are a subtle accent to the cabinet and are mitered into the case and door frames. All shelves are height adjustable. Shelf pins lock into recesses on bottom of shelves to keep shelves in door.
    A very clear view of the vertical glass keeper panels inset into the front of the adjustable door shelves. If the door is closed hard, contents won't fall out, yet are very visible for easy label identification.
    The lower panel (hides wall outlet) is recessed flush with the face of the cabinet case, yet is given a touch of edge profiling, same as on the doors and case. The panel relies on a magnetic keeper latch.
    The lower panel can be opened to access the electrical outlet on the wall with cabinet doors open or closed.
    Styling is clean and simple with traditional accents in the subtle details of hinge selection and edge profiles. The cabinet offers double the storage of a typical recessed medicine cabinet.
    Magnetic keepers hold the doors closed, but silicon pads ensure the doors always close quietly, never with a bang that could disturb anyone sleeping in the master suite.
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