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Wardrobe - Birch/Poplar - Painted finish

A conceptual technical drawing of the wardrobe is shown here. Birch and poplar were the chosen woods as the client planned on painting the finished piece in a distressed motif, therefore these were more economical wood choices for a painted finish. The initial design called for an open shelf bay, but later in the project a raised panel door was requested to close the shelf bay.

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This image was taken after all of the case work was completed. The top and base have been attached, though a trim rail around the top is yet to be fitted. A single drawer bay spans the width of the wardrobe, with three drawers on the left side and a shelf bay on the right side with two adjustable shelves. Drawers and shelves are yet to be fitted.
Drawer boxes (sans fronts) have been constructed with solid maple guide rails attached. The case has been fitted with corresponding maple guides as well. Solid wood guides were selected rather than steel extension guides as the wardrobe will be used initially in the bedroom of a young boy...and young boys occasionally use drawers as ladders. The wood guides won't bend under such stress.
With the drawer boxes completed it is time to make up the solid wood fronts for the drawers. The lower three drawer fronts are each made from six pieces of poplar with grain and rings oriented to minimize cupping and bowing of the fronts over the passing years. The top drawer front is made up front three pieces of poplar. Two drawer front are still in clamps in this image.
With drawers complete is is time to make up the raised panel door.  This image shows the frame of the door (double panel) with rails and stiles profiled and jointed, ready for assembly.  The raised panels have not yet been fabricated.
Both raised panels have been glued up from seven pieces of poplar, each. They have also been cut to precise dimensions and shaped with the raised profile (front and back). Two coats of primer has been applied to the panels and the door is dry assembled, ready for final (permanent) assembly.  The first coat of primer as been applied to the wardrobe case on front, back, sides and even the underside.
The drawer boxes (inside and out) and shelf bay with shelves received a natural wood finish, rather than a paint prep.  The top of the wardrobe case has now been fitted with a short side and back retaining rail to prevent objects from being accidentally pushed off onto the floor.
The double panel raised door has been permanently assembled and temporarily attached to the wardrobe.
A detail view of the top of the wardrobe showing the retaining rail and some of the profile work around the edge of the wardrobe top and face of the drawers.
A more complete detail view of the profile work on the drawer faces, the top and top rail of the wardrobe and some of the trim work.  The drawers have not been closed completely as the second coat of primer on the drawer faces and front of the wardrobe is not dry in this picture.
A closer view of the profile work around the base trim of the wardrobe.
The completed wardrobe.
A closer view of the shelf bay of the completed wardrobe. The panels of the door are raised both on the front as wells as on the back,
The completed wardrobe. The interior surfaces have all been given a natural wood finish. All exterior surfaces are primed and ready for the new owner to paint as desired.
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