Custom Hardwood Furniture & Accessories


Value Objective:

  MountainHaven, located in Aurora, Colorado, focuses on the design and production of one of a kind pieces of custom, hardwood furniture and home accessories.  Two key objectives are kept at the forefront of the design and construction processes; delivery of heirloom quality and the creation of a distinctive piece of functional artwork to accentuate the environment in which the piece(s) are placed.
Collaboration Phylosophy:
  The design of any piece is a collaborative effort with the those who commission the piece, or pieces. Functional and aesthetic needs are explored with the client. Guidance with ideas and possibilities is provided to the client to help develop the concept for the work. Consultation is provided with respect to wood species selection and type of finish, keeping in mind the functional and aesthetic desires of the client.  This collaborative process results in a piece of functional art that suits the character of the space in which it will be placed as well as reflecting the tastes and personality of the client.
Construction Standards:
  MountainHaven, with vary rare exception, uses only solid hardwoods to construct your design. Occasionally, hardwood veneer panel may be used when more appropriate than a solid wood panel in order to meet functional specifications without compromising quality, or in circumstances where quality would actually be enhanced.  Joinery is done using interlocking joints, such as mortise/tenon joinery, dovetails, finger joints, etc. and does not rely on single surface, screwed joints. This ensures high integrity joinery and avoids joints weakening over time by easily broken glue planes and wood shrinking away from screws, as some woods will do.
Finishing Methodology:
  MountainHaven develops the finish formulation for each commissioned piece with the goal of accentuating the beauty of the selected wood, or woods, without comprimising the visual richness to be found in the figure and clarity of the wood itself.  MountainHaven encourages the selection of a wood species that will naturally meet the aesthetic goals in color and texture naturally, or with only a very subtle color treatment.  The finish suggested for any particular piece is made with thought given to how the piece will be used and the care required over time while bringing out the greatest beauty in the woods incorporated in the work. This allows the full and true beauty of the selected woods to complement the space with enduring beauty.
Source Management Standard
  Every effort is made to perform all work on a commissioned piece in-house. The studio shop begins the work with the careful hand selection of woods, obtaining any necessary accessories (hardware, etc.) and continues with all cutting and milling, joinery, assembly, preparation for finishing, finish development and application, and delivery and setup (within limited radius).  MountainHaven does not make it a practice to outsource any of the woodworking involved in the creation of your commissioned pieces except in rare circumstances. For example, some elements, such as creation of leaded/stained glass inserts, etc. will be outsourced when necessary.
Lifecycle Continuity
  MountainHaven is a very personalized studio. You will collaborate with one individual through the full lifecycle of the process, from conceptual consultation to completion of your commissioned work. The consultative advice you will receive in the design phase will be given by the individual whose hands will mill, join, assemble and finish your exquisite piece. This ensures that your desires will not be lost, or miscommunicated, in any hand offs between the different phases of your project.
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