Multiplex EasyStar

Build #1 - modified


This build has enough "break in" on the fuselage that the canopy cover doesn't seat well any longer. I will do a canopy mod to remedy this, but in the meantime I use a rubber band to hold the canopy on the fuselage. However, I didn't have a rubber band for these flights, so I flew the EasyStar without a cockpit canopy in place. The EasyStar handled just fine.

Other mods in use on this flight: 1) a "credit card" extension of the rudder control surface, 2) running a Master Airscrew 6x4 prop in some pics and video #1 and an APC 6x3 on other pics and video #2.  The APC prop provided much better results on the stock 400 motor and 1100mAh NiMH battery pack.

Still images (will open in an images/video window)

1) Cruising through the outfield.
2) Camera pass, low & slow.
3) Passing at about 10'.
4) Pull up from near Touch-n-Go.
5) Wing dip on low fly by.
6) Coming around after climb out.
7) Dropping down for next low pass.
8) Banking left after run toward photographer.
9) High bank turn. "We're outa here!"
10) Coming back into the wind.
11) Duck!!
12) A practice "Tree Trimming" run.
13) Good in flight view of rudder mod.
14) Low, slow and level.

Video files (will open in an images/video window)

1) Low flying with Master AirScrew 6x4 prop. (MOV file, 9674 kb)
2) Low flying with APC 6x3 prop. (MOV file, 9606 kb)