H.M.S. Victory cross section

Kit: Corel SM24 (1:98)


The initial intent of this web site was to provide a practicum for altering the Corel kit (SM24) in order to make the final result more complete and enhance the accuracy of the rendition of the H.M.S. Victory. Considerable effort was made to identify desired alterations using the following references as guides:

The 100-Gun Ship Victory, John McKay, revised edition 2000, Conway Maritime Press

Anatomy of Nelsonís Ships, C. Nepean Longridge, 8th edition, Naval Institute Press, 1981

Many alterations were identified. In reviewing the kit vs. alterations a change of plans was made. Rather than altering the kit, the kit will be assembled pretty much as "boxed". After the kit has been completed, another cross section of the H.M.S. Victory will be built (scale undecided as yet) that will incorporate the desired alterations. Applying the alterations to the kit would have pretty much meant doing a scratch build. So, that being the case, why alter the kit? When both the kit and the scratch build are done it will enable a very direct comparison of end results.

If, once the kit is complete and the scratch build begins, you wish to follow along then you will benefit by acquiring the two books listed above as references. Both can be acquired through most good bookstores or an online source such as Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.

List of Project Links

     Kit Build

     Desired Alterations

     Scratch build practicum (future)

H.M.S. Victory section (no kit bash)